Property Management
The Richman Group

The Richman Group and its affiliates have gained on-the-ground experience from the management of over 100 properties with over 14,000 apartments. Our corporate philosophy is premised upon a commitment to aggressive, proactive property management. Through the design and implementation of standardized procedures and systems utilizing the technological infrastructure of our affiliated companies, we are able to achieve our goals on a portfolio-wide basis. An experienced staff provides comprehensive financial reports, including interpretative commentary, on a monthly basis. Our regional managers provide general partners and third party clients with value-enhancing information to allow the ownership to set both long-term and short-term goals, and make informed decisions that serve to improve the overall value and efficiency of the property.

Our senior staff maintains a direct involvement in managing each of our properties and provides the guidance and tools to allow the management company, the on-site personnel and each property as a whole to excel. We emphasize a system of standardized national training that enhances and reinforces the abilities of our on-site personnel to address everything from physical repairs and improvements to capital replacement planning, accounting, regulatory compliance, marketing and the myriad of other property management activities. The result is well-maintained properties and regular on-time reporting.