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Since its inception in 1986, The Richman Group has thrived and is now consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 largest residential apartment portfolios in the United States.


The Firm, through its 12 offices located nationally, conducts a wide range of development, equity investment, asset management and property management activities. The Richman Group has a major presence in both the luxury rental apartment and affordable housing sectors.

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The Richman Group 25+  Years Strong

Our History

Founded by Richard Paul Richman in 1986, to syndicate and develop affordable housing. The Firm has grown, diversified and evolved. The Richman property portfolio is located in 49 states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam and Saipan. In addition to being one of the nation’s largest affordable housing participants, today the firm is an active developer of top of the market luxury rental apartments in Florida, California, Texas, Colorado and the Northeast. Its staff has the expertise in-house to execute all phases of the businesses: land acquisition, process governmental approvals and entitlements, design and construct properties, arrange equity and mortgage financing for itself and its clients, and conduct long term asset and property management.

Our Philosophy

The Firm’s philosophy is to be best in class in all sectors in which it participates. Our objective is to create a great residential experience for all residents and optimize economic returns for our developer clients, partners and investors. Customer service is a fundamental value. The Firm intends to maintain its leadership in creating innovative developments and financial structures. The Properties it develops are designed with a concern for the environment and the communities in which Properties are located. Our commitment to diversity is demonstrated by the fact that 54% of our staff are minorities and 46% are women.


Situated in 12 regional offices from north to south and coast to coast